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Lights, Camera, Action Potential!

Welcome to the website for the Human Sensorimotor Physiology Lab at the University of Oregon.  The lab director is Brian H Dalton, assistant professor in the Department of Human Physiology.  Our lab’s research interests focus on understanding the sensorimotor control of the human nervous system using various models of study (neuromuscular fatigue, healthy adult aging, and traumatic brain injury.  Two major research initiatives within our lab are: 1) understanding the mechanisms underlying age-related differences of neuromuscular fatigue at the whole muscle and motor unit levels, and 2) investigating the physiological factors underlying human postural control.  The primary neurophysiological techniques used in our lab to answer the above research questions include: single-unit microneurography, surface and indwelling electromyography, electrical muscle stimulation, and galvanic vestibular stimulation.